Pulmonary and Critical Care In the Department of Medicine

Stanford Hospital is located directly on the Stanford University campus.  The School of Medicine faculty is relatively small (800 total faculty members), and thus has a rich history of collaboration across the University.   Thus, in addition to choosing a laboratory within the Division, fellows are encouraged to explore training in laboratories across other Divisions in our Department (e.g., Oncology, Cardiology, Bone Marrow Transplantation), as well as other Departments (e.g., Biochemistry, Genetics, Radiology) to obtain a unique set of skills to apply to lung research.   Our fellows have multiple opportunities to fund a fourth year of research, including our K12 Omics of Lung Diseases Program, a Stanford CTSA (which often funds an MPH or MSc degree), and the Stanford Biodesign Program (http://biodesign.stanford.edu/bdn/index.jsp).

Many fellows choose to train in the dynamic labs of senior mentor Mark Nicolls (PCCM division chief), and Marlene Rabinovitch (cardiology).  They have highly successful translational research programs focused on pulmonary vascular disease and lung transplant biology, with current NIH grant funding of >6M$.  In addition, we have identified 28 senior mentors with expertise in 7 translational research areas highly relevant to lung disease: Pulmonary Vascular Disease and Immunology (Dick Bland, in addition to Drs. Nicolls and Rabinovitch), Genetics and Genomics (Drs. Snyder, Fire, Quake, Nolan, Robinson, and Chang), lung cancer (Gambhir, Felsher, and Sweet-Cordero), lung imaging (Plevritis, Bogyo, Contag), the microbiome (Drs. Cornfield, Relman, Lewis, and Spormann), stem cells (Drs. Krasnow, Wu, Clarke, Sage, and Kuo), and lung injury and repair (Dr. O’Bradovitch, Milla, Galli). 

As shown in the figure, in part because of our small campus, there is extensive cross talk among PIs across departments.  Red lines in the figure indicates PI’s with a shared RO1 or equivalent grant; the green line connects the PIs for our K12 in Omics of Lung Diseases.

Many of our junior faculty trained in one of the labs mentioned above, and are now running successful translational programs of their own in our division.  Click here for examples.

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